Photos on Glass

Using state of the art digital printing technology you now have the option to print virtually anything on to glass. Patterns, images, photos and more can be printed on to glass. From small pieces that might be used to print family photos on glass to large feature glass art pieces that can be used in family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms the possibilities are endless.

The Richard Osbourne Collection

Southern Counties Glass have teamed up with this talented artist / photographer. Using Richard's high resolution images and our digital printing equipment we can produce some stunning photos on glass wall art as you will see from the galleries below.

Richard Osbourne is a British photographic artist who specialises in creating art images that are printed at large sizes on walls.

Richard is passionate about bringing the magic of the natural world into our otherwise unnatural environments. Forests are a particular source of inspiration, particularly ancient woodland, which is now very rare in Britain. His images are super high resolution and often in panoramic format which captures the spirit of places in a far fuller and more inclusive way than single shots.

Richard also finds inspiration in many other places – from cities and architecture to the tiniest details of abstract nature – and has created unique ‘Kinetic Abstracts’ that bring great warmth, energy and colour to interiors. A professional photographer since 2003, Richard’s artworks are now seen by over 8 million people in Britain every year: they are on the walls of hospitals, conference centres, offices, leisure centres and private homes.

Glartique - Glass Art

Glartique is run by Ashley Phillips, a graphic artist who's striking and unique images are used for digital printing on to glass for use as glass splashbacks, glass worktops, shower wall cladding and enclosures, room dividers, table tops, bar tops and bar surrounds as examples.

Glartique photos on Glass

Much of his work is sold as bespoke or limited editions, which means in choosing Glartique your glass art will be unique to you only or to a few others.

By choosing Southern Counties Glass exclusively to manufacture and install his glass art you can be sure that your product will look and feel perfect, transforming your functional surfaces into art!