Photos on Glass News

2015 - Grand Designs - London

This year we featured a lot more digital printing on glass, some using images from the Richard Osbourne Collection!

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Glartique - a new digital print on glass partner

Glartique create limited edition glass art. If you choose a Glartique design for your glass you know its unique to you or only to a few others.

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Victory in Europe Day 2015

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May, we displayed a collection of original photographs taken during the celebrations on 8 May 1945 that we digitally printed on to glass at Grand Designs Show, London.

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2014 Company Brochure

Our latest brochure features our latest glass offerings and is available to download now!

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2014 - Grand Designs - London

We had a really great show again, Grand Designs is getting more and more popular every year, so busy and so many great ideas.

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2013 - Grand Designs - London

The 2012 show was so good we just had to come back for 2013 with better and bigger ideas.

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